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3 Easy Steps to Reduce Hemorrhoids Swelling

There are only 3 things you need to reduce hemorrhoids swelling. Do you want to know what they are? If you are now suffering from hemorrhoids, it would be better to try this alternative prescription. Or, even if you are not the hemorrhoids sufferer, it’s good to keep this information and share with your lovely friends who suffer from it.
While your hemorrhoids are terribly swelling, you should find a plastic basin. Use the basin and pour lukewarm water into it. Next, put the basin in the toilet bowl and sit. You have to make sure that your hemorrhoids are soaking in the water, and do not touch the bottom of the basin.
Do that treatment for 15 minutes. But, if you feel it’s better to soak a longer time since it’s great to touch the water, you can continue till 20-25 minutes. When the water was getting cool, you have to change the water to get better result.
Next, you should dry the swollen hemorrhoids with soft toilet tissue gently. If you have been so sure that the hemorrhoid is clean and safe, then you should apply hemorrhoid cream using one or two of your fingers. Just apply the cream on the external hemorrhoids. If you are done with that session, next you have to wear soft cotton underwear to let the hemorrhoid cream applies well. Taking a rest for a while is better than sitting or walking.

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