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Burst Hemorrhoid – Can This Happen?

Having to deal with the fact that you have a hemorrhoid or hemorrhoids is bad enough! But if on top of that you are faced with experiencing a burst hemorrhoid that can be a ‘little’ overwhelming. Why does this happen? Let’s take a quick look into the reasons.

Hemorrhoids can be located inside of the rectum or outside of the anal opening. They are actually damaged tissue with swollen vessels in side. As with any irritation to our body, besides the swelling, you will get an increase fluid to the area. This pooling of blood and fluid can lead to the hemorrhoid being very swollen. When this happens, it doesn’t take much for a hemorrhoid to burst. A sneeze or a burst of laughter can cause this.

At first you will have relief of the pressure and pain you were probably experiencing. Your next course of action will be to help the hemorrhoid to heal and to leave, never to be heard of again! How you go about this is in two ways. First you will want to get the site to heal in a healthy way. Then you will then address the cause as to prevent it from ever happening again.

Using natural remedies is by far the best way to get the area healed. By apply natural, holistic ingredients you can not only reduce any leftover swelling, you can also stop any leakage or remaining pain. Topical astringents are great for both of these issues.

Witch Hazel is just one of these such astringents. It is naturally obtained from an herb and works wonders on hemorrhoids. It is actually one of the main ingredients in ‘Tucks Medicated Pads’. (Even the pharmaceutical companies know a good thing when they see it.) The witch hazel will reduce the swelling of the tissue and stop the remaining bleeding or leakage. It also will give immediate relief of pain. It is such an effective therapy for any type of hemorrhoid, it will help you keep your hemorrhoids from getting to the point of bursting.

The next step in addressing the healing of your hemorrhoid is to keep you stools soft so that they pass easily without causing any further damage to the site of the hemorrhoid. Increasing your fiber intake and making sure you get enough water are both equally important. Get some activity to help with circulation and with keeping your bowels moving along nicely. One key thing to remember is that most hemorrhoids happen because you strained too hard and for too long while attempting to have a bowel movement!

Keep your diet healthy with enough fiber from eating things like fruits and veggies and whole grains. Get an adequate amount water of exercise. In this way you will keep your stools soft and never again have to deal with a burst hemorrhoid!

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