Learn about the symptoms, causes, and natural remedies for hemorrhoid relief
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Sitz Bath For Hemorrhoids – Soak Away Your Hemorrhoid Symptoms With This Special Treatment!

Sitz bath for hemorrhoids is one of the various treatment measures to help relieve symptoms of this dreadful condition. Before reviewing the treatments, let’s first quickly look at the disease itself.

Hemorrhoids involve the anal veins only. It is that part of our digestive tract where bowel movement takes place. To help expel the stools out, pressure in this area is high enough for the veins to expand and shrink back to their normal size. However, in this type of condition, the pressure is so high that it damages the elasticity and flexibility of the veins causing them to swell instead.

This occurrence does not take place overnight. Constipation, obesity, genetics and pregnancy can all play a part in developing hemorrhoids. Eating low fiber foods can cause constipation, and in turn, hemorrhoids.

Symptoms include a lump that can peek out from the anus; pain on defecation; blood on stools or in the tissue after wiping off; itching; and bleeding. Using a sitz bath for hemorrhoids can reduce these symptoms to a minimum.

A sitz bath for hemorrhoids starts with warm water in a special tub, big enough for your whole buttocks to be immersed. If you don’t have a sitz tub, you can use a regular bath tub; just be careful not to slip! You can use plain water or you can put in additives to hasten the healing process. Salt can be added or you can even make concoctions from herbal plants that are safe for you. Soaking for at least 10-15 minutes, three times per day can help reduce the swelling.

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