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The Hemorrhoids Diet – 5 Foods to Avoid If You Have Hemorrhoids

The sad reality is that what we eat does impact in very noticeable ways on how our bodies function – not just on our weight.  Hemorrhoids are often caused by straining on the toilet due to constipation, which in turn is often caused by our choice of diet.  If you are serious about ridding yourself of hemorrhoids, diet must be one of the first things you address – it is not enough to just pop a pill.

To keep the whole thing simple, my advice would be to just avoid the following foods (or enjoy in strict moderation):

  1. Coffee – this is known to dehydrate the body, which causes your stools to harden so that they become more painful to pass.
  2. Alcohol – sorry about this one!  As with coffee, alcohol tends to dehydrate the body, so should be avoided for that reason.  However, alcohol also forces the liver to work much harder, and as poor liver function is known to contribute to hemorrhoids you should eat to nourish your liver, not harm it.
  3. Eggs – you should avoid or limit your consumption of eggs because they are a high protein food.  Eating excessive amounts of protein is known to make your stool harder and also leads to constipation.
  4. Red Meat – as with eggs, red meat is very high in protein so should be avoided.  You should aim to get your protein from high fiber sources such as pulses (beans, lentils etc).  At least this way you are consuming enough protein to deal with the fiber rather than creating an imbalance.
  5. Pastries – these are generally high in fat (especially saturated fat), which is known to make the liver work harder.  It is a little known fact that excessive fat consumption can be as common a cause of liver complaints as alcohol.

I realize that the list above contains many tempting goodies, but next time you want to tuck into that high fat, high protein meal, think about the discomfort it will cause you afterward and remember these hemorrhoid diet tips.

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